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Just like me, a guy who learned a few lines of a basic coding language yesterday, the most powerful technology companies in the world are hiding their AI inadequacies behind jokes. By now, I’d gone so far as to disable Suzannebot’s autoresponder. I began my presentation in Slack, walking through the trials that all innovators, such as myself, faced.

I’m joking, and yet, two months ago, I caught the bug. I carved out time over a few evenings, and read through tutorials with the zealous fervor a modern-day Frankenstein. For instance, to write a question your user might ask the bot?

Yet I was thwarted on step one–which I believe involved setting up some sort of virtual server on my computer. “The Rive Script language was kept dead simple like this for the sake of being easy to parse it,” says its creator, Noah Petherbridge.

As I explained my creation, I realized that I hadn’t designed a solution to the biggest problem in our Slack room workflow.

I’d engineered an even more complicated mechanism that would only add more problems in its extra gears. And Suzannebot has failed to revolutionize our workflow.

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In a world that’s filled with more and more bots–all the way from Apple’s highly complex Siri AI down to the rudimentary shopping assistants you might talk to on Kik messenger–Dexter is a platform that wants to bring bot building tools to people who don’t code.“We dubbed ourselves a mashup of Squarespace and Mailchimp, for messaging,” says Dexter CEO Daniel Ilkovic, with the autonomic reflex of an entrepreneur who has been forced to explain his nascent platform thousands of times. You can program your bot to answer multiple responses to one question, randomly. I coded Suzannebot 1.0 in about 10 minutes, and the first 48 hours with Suzannebot in Slack were a riot. I learned that I could keep Suzannebot’s code open in one tab, and constantly update her dialog to chime in on topical events.

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